Mr.Quiet helps Ms.Outgoing with studies and she allows him require any such thing inturn.

absolutely Nothing brilliant plot-wise but TakayaKi’s color art ended up being an instantaneous artistic orgasm! The B/W scans weren’t all that great, however. Therefore the pictures might look a little over-sharpened as a result of liberal leveling.

This one line about Oosaki being anxious that they’re classmates raises a concern. Which school pupil pairing can you dudes like?

We have a plain thing for older women, therefore the response is pretty obvious, lol.

PS: there clearly was a risk to my balls a day or two right back concerning the long forgotten Shunjyo tank. We have tossed a script to Afro, so go picket his location for updates. I’ll get into the final chapter ultimately.

Project #12 and #13 – (C80)[Jenoa Cake (TakayaKi)] Jeno Gravure [The iDOLM@STER]

Takayaki’s C80 book had been a compilation of their past iM@S doujins and just a 8-page takane tale ended up being new. I’ve translated the 2 tales that weren’t done earlier and put together it with all the early in the day releases (after some level-jobs).

Apart from x2000 page res and alternate scan quality, there’s absolutely no distinction between the C80 book together with older publications.