Soldier lingo has a tendency to reference things that only exist into the Army.

below are a few terms outsiders probably know don’t.

1. Private News system: The rumor soldier or mill gossip.

Photo: US Army Staff Sgt. Andrew Smith

2. Grab some estate that is real This is often a command to obtain on the floor and start exercising, usually with pushups. It’s granted as a punishment for a minor infraction. The command can be stated as also, “beat that person.”

Photo: United States Army by Markus Rauchenberger

3. LEG/NAP: Acronyms for almost any soldier who is maybe not trained to parachute from airplanes. LEG, or ground that is low-entry, is considered offensive. Non-airborne personnel, or NAP, is the accepted term. Most NAP are fast to point out that airborne soldiers, once the ground is reached by them, are little distinctive from their peers.