Without having a costly 3D scanner I found ways to simply take images and make a 3D model with completely software that is free.

Make a 3D Model From Photos

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Introduction Make a 3D Model From Pictures

In this Instructable I will require you through producing your personal scale that is small taking studio to using the free software to generate and modify your model.

Step One Producing Your Small Scale Picture Studio

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I obtained the basic idea for the picture studio from another Instructable but creating it absolutely was away from my abilities. Therefore I found an alternative that is simple.

What you’ll require

2 – 2″x1″x8′ pieces of w d1 x 1 1/2″ narrow hingeTape measureSomething to cut the w dW d glue and/or nails1 – 22″x28″ black colored or white posterboard4 – Thumbtacks1 – Rotating turntable displaySome way to cut a small circular hole in the paper.