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Liberty and Conditional Chances

Recollection thaith Introductory to Probability, all of us unveiled the very idea of the conditional odds of an event.

Here are several some examples:

  • the chances that an arbitrarily chosen feminine scholar is in the overall health research program: P(Health technology | women)
  • P(an individual is not a drug owner given that an individual experienced an optimistic experience benefit) = P(maybe not a drug customer | positive examination outcome)

Nowadays we all query the question, How can we determine whether two competition is unbiased?


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Determining Independent Events

To respond this query, we assess the possibility that an at random picked graduate try a Health practice major making use of the chances that a randomly picked women graduate happens to be an overall health discipline major. If those two probabilities offer the same (or very close), you point out that the events tends to be independent.