Perhaps it is my heritage that is european hugging, kissing, and general public shows of love will always be section of my life.

Set Your Desire on Fire (At All Ages!)

I prefer affection.

I have never shied away from providing my wife a kiss that is little cuddle in public! Okay, maybe more of an elbow-bump in these times that are socially distant you have my drift!

Closeness and Age

Once we grow older, showing our love will get just a little problematic for many people. Offering or receiving affection from partners and family members can become stressful with each year that passes.

That’s not because we’ve instantly switched into ‘grumpy old males’ or ‘angry old ladies’ – nor is it as a result of the widely held belief that we lose our desire as we age. Far from it – for most people, the desire is alive and well – it’s exactly that closeness is just a whole different pastime after a certain age.

The restricted studies carried out therefore far tell us that physical inability, coupled with medical issues would be the best impediments to closeness for older people.