You know the disappointment that comes along with it if you’ve ever experienced a hinge point in your work.

Reinforcement for Stained Glass Hinge Points

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​ ​Reinforce Hinge Points ​in Stained Glass ​

But, about them rearing their ugly heads when your masterpiece is finally finished if you know how to add reinforcement to ​your artwork, you won’t have to worry!

Without reinforcement, these hinge point can expose their weakness appropriate once you complete assembling your project or, for some pieces, it might take time for them to reveal by themselves.

Regardless of once the weakness affects your artwork, be it right away or months later on, the main element to addressing these points that are hinge with learning to recognize them in the design before even just starting to slice the glass for your task.

The ​blog post, Hinge Points and How They Affect Your Stained Glass Art, is Part 1 of addressing ​hinge points. It yet, now is the time to go back and read through it if you haven’t read. Into the article, We walk you through exactly what a hinge point is, how to identify one, and exactly how you should use the l k itself to eradicate them.